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Alert - Y2K Rocker Santa

Alert - Y2K Rocker Santa

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It time to celebrate the xmas and new year event on your twitch live stream with this SANTA ROCKER animated alerts, designed to keep your viewers engaged and entertained. This unique twitch alert animations add a delightful twist to your channel, ensuring your viewers have a great experience whether you stream on twitch studio, OBS, streamlabs, or youtube. Whether it's a playful cat animation or a mysterious ghost-themed alert, or a funny cute santa alert, various choice of my twitch alerts collection has something for every streamer's taste.


☃️🎁🦌Y2K ROCKER SANTA - Twitch Alert🌵☀️🐱


Animated files come in the .webm format with a transparent background, while static files are presented in the .png format, also showcasing a transparent background.

Included in this alert package

12x Animated Alert
12x Static Alert

Alert text (as seen on displayed listing photo and video) :
• New Cheer
• New Host
• New Raid
• New Follower
• New Subscriber
• New Donation
• Gifted Sub
• Goals
• Hype Train
• Prime Sub
• Resubscribed
• Welcome Back


This is an instant download. Upon purchase, you'll receive a pdf file containing a link to download your stream package.

The purchase is strictly for a personal use, on your different streaming accounts for example. The purchase does not grant you with the right to resell nor re-distribute the product publicly or to anyone, with or without changes.


🪐🌞Every single piece of artwork on this stream pack is my original work, manually hand-drawn one pixel or one brushstroke at a time.💫✨

I hope my art can be a part of your life and we can grow together on this creative ride!

Thank you for visiting!

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